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The Lost Lectures


Lost Lectures started in 2012 as an immersive series of talks aimed at exploring new ways to connect people around ideas. We wanted to reimagine the lecture format and create lost spaces for inspirational encounters. Instead of traditional lecture theatres and conference halls, we thought people might like to experience being transported into reimagined worlds, with fascinating speakers, ambitious art direction, immersive play, all set within incredible secret locations. Afterall, when you lose yourself and let the mind wander, new ideas find you. 

Turned out that a lot of people were up for the adventure. Our first event sold out in minutes and before long we were selling out events internationally, with a loyal and fast-growing fanbase. Our journey took us from lighthouses in East London to fishing docks in Brooklyn, from derelict theatres to decommissioned Olympic pools in Berlin. Throughout all of our adventures, our purpose remained the same: to encouraging people to follow their curiosity and connect with new ideas. Particularly the transformative type. Lost Lectures ‘Let Ideas Find You’. 

We’ve been lucky enough to have an incredible array of speakers join us through our adventures: from cultural icons (Amanda Lepore, Blood Orange, Little Sims) to groundbreaking scientists (Steve Jones, Sally Davies, Ben Goldacre) to creative pioneers (Carol Ann Duffy, Mr Bingo, Chapman Brothers) and we’ve built a community of over 30,000 loyal ‘Lostlings’ who have embraced our experimental antics at over 10 years.  Our online channels, where we share all our talks for free have generated millions of views from fans across the world.

The pandemic meant that we were forced to close our doors. Our hope is to return soon, with fresh inspiration, but still no compass, for the next chapter of the lost adventure.  Please watch this space…