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Our Story

Born in London back in 2012, (The) Lost Lectures started life as an immersive lecture series hosting ‘Enchanting Talks from Secret Locations’ with over 100 mind-bending shows across 3 continents. Our adventures took us to Lighthouses in docklands, boxing rings in Bethnal Green via disused Olympic swimming pools in Berlin, door factories in Queens and fish sorting warehouses in Brooklyn. Not to mention an assortment of abandoned theatres, power stations, court houses, ghost hotels and music halls. We embraced the clandestine life in search of illumination.

Lost Talent

We’ve been lucky enough to woo some of the world’s wildest thinkers to the Lost stage – from scientists, artists, techies, designers, entrepreneurs, entertainment, musicians and those that truly defy categorisation. We built elaborate sets, brought interactive performances, utilised cutting edge technology and immersed thousands of guests in our unique worlds.

A New Chapter

We’ve taken the spirit of those early years and distilled it down to a simple purpose ‘Illuminating Ideas’, which we apply to all our work; using talent, technology and storytelling, to inspire, educate and illuminate audiences. If you’re interested in delving deeper into our early adventures, you can find all our events, speakers and talks on our archived site.