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The Lost Lectures

Wilfrid Wood: Back to the Drawing Board

Wilfrid presents a fascinating insight into his life, craft and influences; from his dad’s scientific illustrations, to Betty Swanwick’s coughing parrot. He takes us on a journey into his past career, via Spitting Image, Raw Vision and of course, Ebay, landing us firmly in the present day and his artistic experiences using Instagram, Grindr, and enjoying the fruits of his still life classes.


Speaker Wilfrid Wood

Wilfrid Wood is a sculptor with a penchant for ‘ asymmetrical faces, fat bodies, beautiful bodies, hairy bodies, the uncanny, doggies, fashion, self‑taught artists, contortionists, freaks, sport, tongues and gender fluid internet exhibitionists’. Since being plunged into model making for cult TV show ‘Spitting Image’ he hasn’t looked back, creating unbelievably observed satirical models of everyone from Bowie to Berry (Mary). He joins us to share his work and hopefully some of the inner workings of his beautiful brain.