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The Lost Lectures

Up Trees

In Herik’s talk we discover that UpTrees is the kind of idea that you start today and not tomorrow. A passion project that has grown into a touching and thought provoking means of uniting people through the primal activity of climbing trees. From the thousands of photos and hours of video content at his disposal, we get to hear snippets of the conversations and see the characters that inhabit his trees. Whether it is a group singing happy birthday or a sobering talk on economy, it’s all part of an evolving project that is as much about people and relationships as it is about trees.


Speaker Henrik Dahle

Henrik Dahle is, by his own description a failed activist and environmentalist. However, his inspirational UpTrees project will quite possibly change all that. Henrik spent a year of his life climbing a tree every day, in 11 countries, interviewing over 80 people up there including artists, poets, economists, anarchists, a class of 8 year olds, a politician, some professors, an ex drug smuggler, his estranged parents, a dog called Daisy and a plastic cow.