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The Lost Lectures

Revolution 3D.

Josef’s talk takes us through the revolution that is Rep Rap. A totally open source rapid prototyping project with thousands of members and tens of thousands of machines worldwide, able to print everything from metals, plastics, electronics, ceramics, chocolate and even able to self replicate! It is little wonder that the Rep Rap community, like the machines themselves continues to evolve at an incredible rate, building layer upon layer to offer new products, ever more evolved designs, unlimited customisability and access to everyone.


Speaker Josef Průša

is considered something of a revolutionary: an open-source ‘genius’ and a pioneer in the world of 3D printing. He’s one of the lead developers of the RepRap project: an open-source hardware project that is fundamentally changing the rules of manufacture, creating wealth without money (who needs money when you can make anything?), logistics (who needs deliveries when you have the blueprint?) and forging a new future seemingly without limits.