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The Lost Lectures

Plastics and the Patriarchy

Jess talks passionately about her fascinating field of research – Plastics, but goes on to observe the startling imbalance between male and female representation in both labs and literature, highlighting the many institutional biases that exist in science. Talking with passion, charm and wit she takes us on her incredible journey which aims to redress the balance – writing a Wikipedia entry every day for under-represented minority scientists, getting books in the hands of little girls and prizes in the hands of women shifting the dial. It is little wonder she’s won a legion of fans and supporters across the world. YES Jess!


Speaker Dr. Jess Wade

Jess is a physicist and LED scientist and ‘Chief Trouble Maker’ at Imperial College London, whose personal mission it is to showcase balanced evidence of the female contribution to science. Whether it’s writing 270 Wikipedia pages in one year devoted to female scientists of note, or creating a kickstarter to put copies of ‘Inferior’ into the hands of female students across the country – she is leading the charge in educating girls about structural barriers to attract more girls into science.

Image ©Womens Engineering Society