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The Lost Lectures

Growing Up Black.

In this lecture, Dennis talks about his illustrious career as well as his personal journey from Jamaica to England: with funny family anecdotes and fabulous reflections about his relationship with Bob Marley, he combines his experience of being around a legend with a rare glimpse into the black community at the time: framed, of course, by his wonderful photography. A truly touching journey.


Speaker Dennis Morris

Dennis Morris is one of the country’s most iconic photographers, he documented a relatively unknown Bob Marley from a 1973 UK tour – until his death in 1981, and was the Sex Pistols’ most trusted photographer. He’s photographed the likes of The Stone Roses, Radiohead and The Prodigy and has been published in Time, I-D, and Vogue. His most personal work however is Growing Up Black, a powerful exhibit and new book in which Morris charts black Britain through the 60s and 70s, documenting the lives of black people in his native Hackney.