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The Lost Lectures

Undercover: Erotica and Sexism

In this powerful talk, Zoe takes on the sexism within erotica: showing how publishers objectify women on book covers, market to men while forgetting the female gaze. She shows how engrained this thinking is in publishing culture and that it’s up to us to put our money where our mouth is to stop a trend that is frankly patronising and insulting to both sexes.


Speaker Zoe Margolis

Zoe is known better by her pseudonym ‘Abby Lee’. She’s a prolific Blogger and author of ‘Girl With a One Track Mind’, both of which detail the ins-and-outs of her sex life. Shortly after her book release, she was ‘outed’ by a newspaper and her real identity revealed. A follow-up Book and critically acclaimed C4 documentary later, she’s putting her media presence to good use by creating debate about the double-standards around sex and raising awareness of the need for better sexual health education.