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The Lost Lectures

An elementary guide to collecting

Max’s talk is an interactive treat on the tenuous relationship between the periodic table, bumblebees (a personal obsession) and Shakespeare’s Sonnets. As well as sharing his passion for collecting, Max’s talk features a beautiful and dangerous chemistry experiment, performed live on stage (The Phosphorus Sun). Thanks goes to Dr Hal Sosabowski and Dave Campbell from Brighton University for safely conducting the demonstration.


Speaker Max Whitby

Max Whitby is a multiple BAFTA award winning producer and founder of several successful digital media companies (he is current CEO of Touchpress), he’s also a scientist of Nanomaterials with a PHD in Chemistry. Over his unique career he’s led a staggering array of ground breaking projects: playing with carbon nanopipes, researching nano fluidic motion, building elaborate periodic tables for display in museums around the world and creating apps that have become digital publishing phenomena The Elements and The Waste Land oh yes, somehow he’s even found time to film every single type of British bird, butterfly and bumblebee.