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The Lost Lectures

Dolls 3D

Alice’s talk is a magical dive into the world of dolls, manufacture and 3D tech, telling the story of her future smashing company and giving us a  tantalizing glimpse of a 3D future who’s hype is only outshone by its promise.


Speaker Alice Taylor

Alice is founder and CEO of MakieLab, a new kind of future-smashing toy company that makes 3D-printed, locally made, and game-enabled toys.  She’s a pioneer in the fast-emerging industry of 3D technology, she’s been Commissioning Editor for Education at Channel 4 and is one of the Game Industry’s Top 100 most influential women… not to mention Mum to a 5-year-old daughter who demands Space Pirate Dolls, which is partially how MakieLab came about.