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The Lost Lectures

Carla Valentine: Life and Death Behind Mortuary Doors

In this fascinating talk, Carla truly lives up to her ‘Doyenne of Death’ persona, by giving us a fascinating insight into her work. From dispelling myths (hair DOESN’T grow after death, it’s just that they used to bury live people a lot!) to an anatomical masterclass including an impressive list of techincian’s tools. This talk is not for the faint hearted and contains graphic images of dead folk. Viewer discretion is advised!


Speaker Carla Valentine

Aka. ‘The Chick and the Dead’ is, in her own words, a ‘chick, who works with the dead’. She is as a qualified anatomical pathology technologist (that’s a mortician to you and me) whose extensive work and research covers death, sex and everything in between. She has multiple fellowships and more letters after her name than will comfortably fit on her gravestone. Her adventures have seen her excavate plague graves in Venice and WW1 graves in Belgium. If all that wasn’t enough, she’s also chief curator at one of our favourite institutions – London’s Pathology Museum. She joins us to share insight from beyond the grave.