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The Lost Lectures

An Awkward Start

Spartacus’ talks spans everything from makeup tips to modern art. Her aim is to make the art scene more spontaneous accessible and to illustrate her point, she treats us to performances that promise to boggle and bemuse.


Speaker Spartacus Chetwynd

Spartacus Chetwynd is a Turner Prize-nominated artist (2012) known for re-enacting iconic moments from cultural history in deliberately amateurish and improvised performances. Her art has been described as ‘rumbustious, bonkers, daft and discombobulating’. From body paint dancing with homemade dolls to an evening with Jabba the Hutt (in which she had re-imagined the infamous Star Wars slave trader as a pina colada-supping bon viveur), not to mention dressing as a eunuch in her homage to Meat Loaf, her art has understandably gained a cult following. She lived in a nudist commune and changed her name to Spartacus ‘because people have a choice’.