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The Lost Lectures

The Art of Mashup

Cassetteboy guide us through their topic of expertise: how to fail at making a living. They discuss their humble beginnings, when mashups were still a nebulous art and they were limited to physical tape decks. They also talk about the bigger issues: dedicating twenty years of life to copyright infringement, and the difficulty of getting celebrities to say ‘wank’ using editing software.


Speaker Cassetteboy

Cassette Boy are an electro comedy duo who’s identities to this day remain something of a mystery. They have taken YouTube by storm with all manner of cuts, edits and frenetic mashups gaining millions of views and earning them several (slightly awkward) TV appearances. They’ve mocked the world at large with their vids (The ‘Bloody’ Apprentice was a notable contribution) and even written a novel Earth Inc (which incidentally took 6 ½ years to write). Their videos will make you laugh, dance or in the case of the BBC, probably piss you off. They’ll be talking about cutting, pasting and causing mischief on an ambitious scale.