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The Lost Lectures

Blood Orange: Anxiety

In this breathtaking talk and performance Dev brings to life two of the neurological conditions that make him such a gifted artist. The first, Synesthesia a condition where pathways cross to experience sounds as color – the second, more sinister – Anxiety, which is a dark and debilitating force in his life. The result: an unique musical composition and mesmerizing visual display that offer a unique glimpse into the mind of a true artist. Huge thanks to him for allowing us to share this piece.


Speaker Dev Hynes | Blood Orange

Any music lover worth their salt will already have Dev firmly on their radar. A musician with the golden touch, he’s been at the helms of some of the most iconic bands to emerge in the last decade, from the legendary dance punk group, Test Icicles, to the haunting, funk infused Blood Orange. Drawing on genres left and right and producing signature sounds unlike any other, Dev is a force to be reckoned with. He’ll be joining us to discuss the deep influence of synaesthesia on his work (the ability to see sound as colour) and treat us to standout live performance to close out the show.