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The Lost Lectures

Anonymity, a fox’s tale.

Susie’s talk is an insider commentary on the press and her love-hate relationship with the industry: an industry that on the one hand, lets you meet fascinating people and travel the world on someone else’s dime, but one that is hard, not that well-paid, and where a lot of people hate you before you’ve even opened your mouth. In this insightful and entertained talk she discusses the pros and cons of anonymity in the trade, sharing stories from a unique journey that’s been as much personal as it has professional.


Speaker Susie Boniface

Fleet Street Fox: often sarcastic, occasionally right and more than a little enigmatic, ‘Foxy’ is something of a Twitter phenomenon. Rather serendipitously (for us as much as anything) she recently ‘outed’ herself to reveal her true identity as tabloid newspaper reporter Susie Boniface: a Fleet Street insider who’s worked at pretty much every national newspaper in the country. She’s shared insider commentary on the press (good bits and bad), toed everything but the line via her blog and book and generally kept us all well and truly entertained with her vulpine vernacular.