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The Lost Lectures

Jonny Woo

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As far as nightlife is concerned, Jonny is one of London’s most notorious figures. He’s been attributed with ‘bringing back’ cabaret in the early 2000s and changing the face of Bingo forever. His seminal event, Gay Bingo was a far cry from anything you’ll see at Gala. Though difficult to categorise, it drew on burlesque, performance art, pyrotechnics, and adult entrainment, causing 348 audience members to walk in shock over the course of its performances (so definitely not one for granny). The show has toured across the world and has been hosted in seedy back alley bars, as well as prestigious art galleries and theatres. His previous works have involved everything from bouncing yetis to public urination, so remember to bring an umbrella (Ha!) not really, he’s promised to keep it clean this time! Kinda.