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The Lost Lectures

Brand Development

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Rekorderlig – New York 2015

Looking to drive awareness and cut-through in New York’s creative scene, Rekorderlig supplied a range of ciders for Lostlings to sample on the night. Dove tailing the European connection, it…

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Brooklyn Brewery

Hearing news that The Lost Lectures was back in Brooklyn for the second installment of NY talks, Brooklyn Brewery kindly stepped up to provide an expansive range of craft beers,…

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ZICO – New York 2015

Zico Coconut Water kept our Lostling audiences quenched throughout our NY event, by setting up a series of hydration stations within the venue and on the banks of the East…

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Uber 2014

Uber approached The Lost Lectures to connect with our audiences of tastemakers and early adopters and provide Lostlings a free ride home after our event. As it happened, it was…

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Perrier – New York 2014

Perrier was our key sponsor for our launch event in New York, providing spring water for all 750 attendees at the event. It was an opportunity for the brand to…

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Selfridges – Festival of Imagination

How we Met: Following the huge success of our July event in the iconic ‘Selfridges Hotel’ Selfridges & Co invited Lost Lectures to partner with them to deliver the ‘Festival…