Coloplast LUJA Launch

Lost Lectures was appointed as lead creative agency to launch Coloplast LUJA in the UK. We created an immersive experience across multiple zones, that brought to life the catheters micro-hole technology innovation. 150 delegates were treated to holograms, kinetic artworks and architectural projections that spanned patient, lab and product areas as well as reflective zones.

‘The best launch I’ve been to, I wouldn’t change a thing’

SVP Coloplast Global.

For the patient area we created a projection wall of 3 patients talked about their experiences of catheterisation, the sound was delivered across 3 channels on headphones.

We welcomed the Coloplast lab team from Copenhagen who showcased glass bladder demo and sediment demos, showing complete emptying.

We created a miniature museum and presented a hologram of Mr. Goddard, a leading urologist who spoke about the history of catheterisation.

The centrepiece of the experience was a kinetic artwork, while the soundscape was an Ai generated infinite composition that used recordings from inside LUJA as water passed through it.