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The Lost Lectures

Lost at Wilderness

With four amazing speakers and some wellies in tow, we’ll be vacating the big city in pursuit of greener pastures this August 7th – 10th. For those of you who want to come along for the ride, check out our headline slot at The Secret Forum on  on Friday night 8.30pm – 10pm. Wilderness is a four day festival, cultural spectacle and arcadian celebration, offering such delights as a lakeside spa, fly-fishing, banquets and roller discos alongside the usual staples (world class musicians, comedy and late night revelry). Set in an 800 year old deer park, Cornbury Estate, encircled by a ribbon of ornamental lakes, it’s one of the only festivals that allows you to rejuvenate and party in equal measure. We cannot wait!

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Patrick Dalton

London has been getting pretty big for its britches recently, with skyrocketing property prices and euphoric editorials declaring it to be the world's most popular destination. Thankfully, Shit London is here with a much needed reality check. This hilarious blog posts photos of all things rubbish about our great metropolis: from inane graffiti, broken signs and other urban oddities. For…

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Duck. Tweets. Tries stuff. Fails. Tries other stuff. Short attention span. Easily-led. Possibly unstable.  Naturally, this kind of glittering CV attracted our attention. Tiahowler is an expert in subject matters most dear to our hearts – the much loved and too-often-overlooked art of growing cress. An art that he took it upon himself to bring back to the public’s attention…

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Leila Johnston

Leila is the founder of Hack Circus, a quarterly journal, blog and event that moves around the UK in the mode of a travelling circus. Her aim is to celebrate the fantastical and mysterious side of invention. Together with a team of world leading scientists and inventors, they aim to answer questions such as: what do particle physicists know about…

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Laura-Beth Cowley

Laura-Beth is a producer and animator, whose films have been screened across the UK and Europe. She aims to revise the way we think about and discuss… sex and she sees animation as the perfect medium for the job. She’ll be talking about  the role of sexual themes within animation and how the use of sexual subject matter within art…