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The Lost Lectures


Following months of meticulous planning and some stealth cross-Atlantic communications, we were SO excited to announce that The Lost Lectures landed in New York on 25th April 2014. So, we strapped on our flying goggles once again with the NY skyline firmly in our sites. New York, this one was pretty special.

For our NY launch we partnered with Hyperallergic to devise our most prodigious production to date, gaining access to a vast factory space ‘The Knockdown Centre’ which we transformed for one incredible evening: 6 World-Class speakers  performances, interactive demos and art installations. What ensued was a launch unlike any other. For a taster, check out the vids below…


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Amanda Lepore

‘The Most Expensive Body On Earth’. Classifying Amanda Lepore is no easy task. She’s an iconic figure, a recording artist, model, muse, and all round powerhouse in the transgender community. Many of you will recognize her from her work with photographer David LaChapelle where she helped to create some of his most provocative pieces, including images of her snorting diamonds,…

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Dev Hynes | Blood Orange

Any music lover worth their salt will already have Dev firmly on their radar. A musician with the golden touch, he’s been at the helms of some of the most iconic bands to emerge in the last decade, from the legendary dance punk group, Test Icicles, to the haunting, funk infused Blood Orange. Drawing on genres left and right and…

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Barbara Nitke

Barbara is a photographer who’s work can be seen in galleries across the world (though usually behind a black curtain).  In the 70’s she worked extensively in porn and BDSM industry documenting the professional and personal lives of its stars. Despite the provocative subject, her photos are noted for their unexpectedly lyrical quality, capturing moments of loneliness as well as…

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Choire Sicha

The New Yorker dubs him ‘the anti-blogger’... But, for all that, Choire’s influence can be felt across all reaches of the internet. He’s served as editor of Gawker (twice), The New York Observer and co-founded The Awl, 'an irreverent, all-purpose, media/culture/politics/think-piece/bear-video clusterfuck' of a website helping us to ‘be less stupid’. He’s even been credited with creating a new idiom.…

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Marc Abrahams

Marc is a scientist, founder and host of the Annual Ig Nobel Prize, which celebrates all things odd, trivial and well, improbable emerging from the world of science. He is at the forefront of academia’s weirdest quests, honouring scientific achievements that make people laugh and then think. Whether it’s a scientific comparison of apples and oranges; research determining whether Kansas…

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Deidre Schoo & Michael Beach Nichols

Flex are a troop of urban, street dancers performing in Brooklyn. Faced with dwindling prospects, and harsh economic conditions, they turned to dance as a constructive channel for their energy. Flex is based around wild dance battles that include (but are not limited to): body popping, gliding, live birds and backflips. They’ll be talking about the importance of their social…