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The Lost Lectures

The Lost Lectures 9 & 10 – Lost in Smoke

London’s Tobacco Docks were the smoldering scene for this, our final fling of 2012 as we welcomed over 1000 Lostlings into a hazy world of tantalizing talks, sizzling sideshows, sumptuous foody feasts and detonative delights as we got ‘Lost In Smoke’ on a Dickensian winters evening in London’s sooty East End.

For those a little hazy as to the details, there was a smokin’ array of speakers, with Baronesseses, Moshi Men, campaigning doctors,  pioneering geneticists, kick ass roller derbyists, infographicists, magicians  and pyrotechnicians…with some live-art and nakedness thrown in too…all in all  an unforgettable night in the big smoke…

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Dr. Ben Goldacre

Dr. Ben Goldacre is a best-selling author, broadcaster and medical doctor who has made it his mission to unpick dodgy scientific claims from drug companies, newspapers, government reports, PR people and quacks. His quest to unpick bad science has seen him reach #1 in the UK non-fiction charts for his book ‘Bad Science’ as well as become the UK’s most…

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Courtney Welch

Courtney Welch is a real life super-hero, by day she has a high-flying job in the City and is a devoted wife and mother, but at night she straps on her skates and becomes ‘Bette Noir’ the gum shield-wielding leader of one of London’s most successful Roller Derby teams. She is the co-founder of London Rollergirls and responsible for bringing…

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Baroness Scotland

The Rt. Hon. Baroness Scotland of Asthal is something of a trailblazer: the first black woman to be made a QC, then a government minister and perhaps most notably the first black female Attorney General in the post’s 700 year history. She’s a labour peer and an outspoken campaigner on equality for women, ethnic minorities and gay people. She is…

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Michael Acton-Smith

Michael Acton Smith is a tech entrepreneur with a short attention span. He’s also the founder and CEO of arguably one of the most playful (and successful) tech companies in the UK, MindCandy. He is also the creator of Moshi Monsters: a groundbreaking entertainment experience all around adopting your own pet monster. A brilliant website, several books, magazines, trading cards,…

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Chris Cassells

Chris Cassells is one of the fastest rising magicians in the UK. Off the back of a sell-out tour and a widely acclaimed Edinburgh Debut, he comes to The Lost Lectures to uncover the most famous deceptions in magic’s history and explain the driving forces that make so many performers choose a life of trickery. Part lecture, part performance and…

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David McCandless

David McCandless makes infographics: simple, elegant ways to see information that are usually too big and complex, or small and abstract to be otherwise grasped. His book, Information Is Beautiful is as beautiful as it is informative spanning the world of visualized data, from hard stats on politics and climate to trends in pop music. His designed information helps us…

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Prof. Steve Jones

Prof. Steve Jones is a Royal Society Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Genetics at University College London and an author of several popular science books. He is one of the world's top six experts on the genetics of snails (and the other five agree) and has also studied the genetics and evolution of fruit flies and humans.

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Greg Stekelman

Greg Stekelman The author of a novel and a graphic novel and the man who used to write about things overheard on the London Underground for Time Out. Also the man who did wonderful things on Twitter, developed something of a penchant for RTs, and then left, leaving the World wondering if he'd ever return.

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Emily Cummins

Emily is an award-winning inventor and entrepreneur whose interest in sustainable design led her to create several life-changing products including a sustainable fridge: ‘powered by dirty water that keeps the contents clean and cool’. Living in an African township, she refined her fridge before giving away the plans to help improve the quality of life for millions of people living…

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Susie Lau

Susie Lau: also known as Susie Bubble, is a fashion phenomenon. One time editor of Dazed Digital, she’s now one of the world’s most influential bloggers. Her blog StyleBubble, read by more than 30K readers a day consists of her widely read thoughts and observations on fashion, with a focus on spotlighting young and unknown talent. She's attended catwalks from…