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The Lost Lectures

The Lost Lectures 7 & 8 – Lost At Sea

The Lost Lectures hit the high seas in a unique production ‘lost At Sea’ within an enchanting world of underwater wonders, strange submersibles, tantalizing talks and more inflatable’s than you can shake a slippery squid at! This was without doubt our most sea-worthy production to date, a spectacular adventure with amazing speakers, inspiring talks and an entire audience on inflatable rings…all beautifully punctuated with a familiar ‘POP’ of a bursting seat! The entire audience bobbed blissfully through the evening (well more or less) as we transformed a secluded Lighthouse deep in the Docks of London. Talks from adventurers, marine biologist, environmental commissioners, iconic photographers, retronauts, CERN Scientists and Sixth Form Poets meant an amazing lineup, in an incredible venue, set on the river, with a backdrop that made you proud to be a Londoner. A huge thanks goes to the whole team at Lost HQ and to all the Losltings who made it home safe from the high-seas. You know who you Aaarrrrgghhh.

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Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphreys is an adventurer, explorer, author and blogger. He’s also one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year 2012. He’s cycled round the world for 4 years, canoed 500 miles down the Yukon River, crossed Iceland by foot, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean and is due to take on the South Pole this autumn on the centenary of Scotts…

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Rich Brown & Jen Smith

The Amazings is a social enterprise that lets people who are retired use the skills and knowledge they have accumulated over a lifetime and share it with others. Whether it’s a retired postman who plays the Ukulele or the neighbour who’s an Opera singer, Amazingness is everywhere and this little company is on a big mission to make sure its…

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Helen Scales

Dr Helen Scales: is a marine biologist specialising in the international wildlife trade, marine protection and biodiversity assessment: she’s also a diver, broadcaster and author of Posseidon’s Steed (a book about the noble seahorse). She’s spent four years chasing big fish in Borneo and another year cataloguing marine life surrounding 100 Andaman Sea islands, she’s drunk champagne with David Attenborough…

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Dennis Morris

Dennis Morris is one of the country’s most iconic photographers, he documented a relatively unknown Bob Marley from a 1973 UK tour – until his death in 1981, and was the Sex Pistols’ most trusted photographer. He’s photographed the likes of The Stone Roses, Radiohead and The Prodigy and has been published in Time, I-D, and Vogue. His most personal…

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Chris Wild

Chris Wild is a real life Time Lord and creator of Retronaut, a ‘time machine’ that at it simplest level is a unique website that allows people to access millions of pieces of historical content including videos, pictures, music and text from public and private archives. It is a passport into history where people can pick their own entry point,…

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Robin and Partridge

Robin and Partridge are a comedy duo that take improvisation to a whole new level: using art, stunts and nonsense to put the audience firmly in the driving seat: their shows are famed for taking endless twists and turns into the unexpected.

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Mel Young

Mel Young: is the founder of The Homeless World Cup and widely recognised as one of the World’s leading Social Entrepreneurs. He created the charity to unite homeless people around the world through the international language of Football. It is now a global affair with a network of 70+ Partners supporting football programs and social enterprise development globally. The project…

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Liz Ann Bennet

Liz Ann Bennett is one of the founders of Oh Comely magazine, a lifestyle title for women—and men—who’ve had enough of celebs and cellulite. Oh Comely tells honest stories with words and photographs. It ponders questions like: How much fun is it possible to have for a pound? Will the Royal Mail mind if you post a mouldy cheese? and…

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Dr Veronique Boisvert

Dr. Veronique Boisvert is a particle physicist working at CERN. She is part of the team at the ATLAS detector who together with CMS, contributed to one of the most important and exciting scientific discoveries in recent history: the detection of the Higgs Boson.

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Sixth Form Poet

The rise of Sixth Form Poet on Twitter has been fairly meteoric. In the year since joining the social media network, he’s picked up nearly 50K followers and has been voted ‘Funniest Twitter Citizen’ at The Poke Awards. Not bad for someone who’s in and out of a Harley Street Therapy with a serious case of kleptomania (his words not…

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The Great Puppet Horn

The Great Puppet Horn creators Jeremy Bidgood and Lewis Young are award-winning puppeteers who dreamt up the concept over a mutual love of puppets and laughing at people in authority. Their talk will be about why Puppetry is such an amazing medium for storytelling. Their performance will provide cultural critique as only cardboard stuck to stick can, with up-to-the-minute commentary on…

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Prof. Jacquie McGlade

Prof. Jacquie McGlade: is the Executive Director of The European Environmental Agency in Copenhagen, where since her appointment in 2003 she has introduced fundamental shifts in the thinking behind environmental reporting and the involvement of citizens. Previously a leading marine biologist and environmental informatics professor, her research focused on the dynamics of climate change, resource management and future scenarios. She…