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The Lost Lectures

The Lost Lectures 5 & 6 – The Lost World.

Lostlings were instructed to forget their compasses and leave maps at home as we entered a world of enchanting talks, strange scents, flying globes and fanciful fauna: this was ‘The Lost World’ a long-forgotten land and home to May’s selection of speakers. From Moose’s musings to foodscape feasts, Sexual equality to Olympic Dreams, not to mention live taxidermy, beatjazz basslines, historical heroics  and much more, this was the lecture that put ‘Lost’ on the map…an unforgettable flight of fancy in the rather spectacular Union Chapel, Islington.

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Ashling O’Connor

Ashling O’Connor is The Times Olympic and Sports Correspondent. As well as having possibly the best job in journalism, unprecedented access to the World's greatest sporting events she had a unique insight into both published and un-published aspects in the lead up to London 2012.

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Prof. Owen Holland

Prof. Owen Holland is a professor at Essex University and  leading authority in the field of Cognitive Robotics. He has several world firsts to his credit including ant-based telecommunication robots, predatory robots, tiny flying web servers, and anthropo-mimetic robots with human-like skeletons and muscles.

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Moose Allain

Moose Allain is an Artist, illustrator, writer, fool, mal viveur and prolific Tweeter. His musings and playful experiments that draw from, and contribute to the hive mind that is Twitter, are as brilliant as they are entertaining

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Carl Warner

Carl Warner is a visual gastronomer, photographer and pioneer of the mouthwatering art of Foodscaping. His whimsical landscapes made entirely of food have seen him work with top ad agencies and food clients across the globe. They are the subject of documentaries, virals and several stunning book. From London’s sky-scape featuring Mackrel and Asparagus lampposts, salmon seas and a Tuscany…

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Onyx Ashanti

Onyx Ashanti is a musician: more specifically he’s what you might get if you crossed a sci-fi obsessed jazz artist with a futurologist instrument inventor. His creation, Beatjazz, is the result of 20 years research: a completely live, improvised form of electronic music created from scratch to build a unique soundscape and light show using nothing but his body movements…

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Alwyn Collinson

Alwyn Collinson is an Oxford history graduate who began a 6 year project to tweet every day of the second World War with events as they happened 72 years ago. The project @RealTimeWWII, now in its second year and with nearly a quarter of a million followers, has become something of a twitter phenomenon. It covers major military and political…

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Max Whitby

Max Whitby is a multiple BAFTA award winning producer and founder of several successful digital media companies (he is current CEO of Touchpress), he’s also a scientist of Nanomaterials with a PHD in Chemistry. Over his unique career he’s led a staggering array of ground breaking projects: playing with carbon nanopipes, researching nano fluidic motion, building elaborate periodic tables for…

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Matt Durran

Matt Durran is a glass artist whose work defies easy categorisation. His expertise in the properties of glass and its structures, have seen him move from being a ‘conventional’ artist to the forefront of the world of tissue engineering. He now works with leading surgeons and researchers to create glass moulds for tissue and organ generation. His work has given…

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Sasha Wilkins

Sasha Wilkins is an influential style journalist, editor and creator of the multi-award winning lifestyle blog Liberty London Girl. She lives between London, New York & LA writing about everything from fashion and food, right through to philanthropy. She won Blogger of the Year at Red’s Women of the Year awards, which honours British women showing talent, success and imagination…

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Marisa Carnesky

Marisa is an Olivier Award Winning show-woman and creator of many spectacular performance works, state of the art fair ground rides and large scale illusions most notably Carnesky’s Ghost Train.