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The Lost Lectures

The Lost Lectures 3 & 4 – The Return

While Shepherd’s Bush market was bathing in the first signs of the British sunshine…an old music hall was busy being transformed, ready for the return of The Lost Lectures. The space, soon to be a Victorian carnival of curiosities would serve as the canvas for our next instalment of enchanting talks from secret locations.

As the doors opened on the first night, guests were greeted by a collection of Victorian artefacts, eccentricities and artworks that lined the public spaces of the Hall, what followed was two nights of spellbinding talks, spanning guerrilla gardening, acidic blogging, supper clubbing, Letters Collecting, Opera Singing, Beatbox bangin’ brilliance.

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Prof. Tony Dickenson

Prof. Tony Dickenson is a leading voice in the field of Neuro-pharmacology and the mechanisms of pain and how it’s controlled. His lab at UCL aim to understand the transmission and control of pain in order to  improve its treatment, either through better knowledge of mechanisms or characterization of novel targets. The group have studied how neuronal systems alter in…

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Mark Forsyth

Mark Forsyth is author of The Times Bestseller, The Etymologicon, and writer of The Inky Fool blog. Mark is genuinely obsessed with the origin and meanings of words: his first book is a circular stroll through the hidden connections of the English language. Among many other notable achievements, Mark has dated the word ‘crap’ to 50 years earlier than anyone…

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Simon Singh

Simon Singh is an author and journalist specialising in science and mathematics which rather amazingly are the two subjects he claims not to have the faintest cue about. Despite this his book on Fermat’s last theorem was the first mathematical book to be a UK No.1 bestseller. His following books have had similar critical acclaim and spanned everything from code-breaking…

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Andrew Shoben

Andrew Shoben is a professor of public arts and the founder of Greyworld, a world-renowned artists’ collective creating art in public spaces. His work is all about creating art that holds up a mirror to the public, putting us right at the centre of it, whether it be musically, sonically, through systems or in other interactive ways.

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Kerstin Rodgers

Kerstin Rodgers aka Ms Marmite Lover is at the forefront of the underground food movement, she's the founder of ‘The Underground Restaurant’ – a supper club, anti-restaurant, guerrilla dining, concept that's became a movement.

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Robin Norton-Hale

Robin Norton-Hale: Robin is an Olivier Award-winning director of OperaUpClose: an ‘artistic revolution’ that takes opera out of large auditoria into small, intimate venues, bringing audiences far closer to the experience. She is responsible for directing and writing the new librettos for La Bohème, Barber of Seville and Don Giovanni.

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Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes (aka Paul Staines) is a prominent and acidic political blogger who's blog has frequently been voted the most popular independent blog in Britain. He's campaigned against political sleaze and hypocrisy (and mocking those involved) while creating a glorious hub of political scandal and gossip that’s read widely in the Westminster political village and in national newsrooms.

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Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram is a multidisciplinary artist who puts together specialized teams to pull off astounding large scale public engagement artworks that are displayed the world over. Luke and his group made the ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ piano installations that toured in over 25 cities around the world and was responsible for at least two marriages!

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Shaun Usher

Shaun Usher runs the wonderful blog ‘Letters of Note’: an online homage to offline correspondence where he attempts to gather and share fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos for the world to enjoy. With a huge readership and staggering Twitter following, his incredible collection has captured the imagination of millions.

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Dr. Cath Mercer

Dr Cath Mercer runs the ‘National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles’, from which she has published extensively and presented nationally and internationally. Her insights from the UCL Centre for Sexual Health into what Brits get up to behind closed doors give her a unique understanding of the nation’s sexual habits and exploits!

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Belle is a charismatic, unpredictable, genre bending maverick who also happens to be a world champion beatboxer. With a blisteringly inventive body of work that’s won her critical acclaim from artists and critics alike, she’s been a strong advocate and role model for girls and women coming through music industry. She joins us to talk about her journey and take…

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Steve Wheen

Hackney-based Steve is a ‘guerrilla gardener’ who uses potholes as his canvas to create miniature gardens. Getting the attention of passers by and royalty alike. His 'Little Book of Little Gardens' is a little homage to his many little projects.