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The Lost Lectures

The Lost Lectures 11 & 12 – Lost Reality

The Lost Reality kicked off the new year in surreal splendour as we travelled to the edges of the imagination and into the emporium of the unknown, not to mention a little venture south of the river for the first time.  What ensued was a an intoxicating festival for the senses with enchanting talks, dream-like demos, foody feasts and a Bar of the Bizarre that kept the imagination bubbling blissfully throughout the evening.

It was an event steeped in ethereal mystery, wide-eyed wonderment and flamingo fuelled fantasy (see photos) as 12 more incredible speakers took to the stage over 2 nights of 3D printed, brain bending, map making, lie-detecting, chocolate worshiping, cross-dressing, fox fuelled action

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Steve Vranakis

Steve Vranakis is the Creative Director of Google Creative Lab (EMEA) and one of the most tech-savvy, rule-breaking progressive thinkers you’re ever likely to meet. He’s in charge of a team responsible for pushing the notion of what is possible at Google and using the full weight of their capability to do so.

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Susie Boniface

Fleet Street Fox: often sarcastic, occasionally right and more than a little enigmatic, ‘Foxy’ is something of a Twitter phenomenon. Rather serendipitously (for us as much as anything) she recently ‘outed’ herself to reveal her true identity as tabloid newspaper reporter Susie Boniface: a Fleet Street insider who’s worked at pretty much every national newspaper in the country. She’s shared…

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Dr. Alex Parfitt

Dr Alex Parfitt is Head of Materials Research at British Aerospace Engineering (BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre). A biologist turned engineer, he’s a world-leading authority on biomimetics and its use in development of innovations in defence technology. He also has a pet owl.

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Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor is the brilliant founder and creative director of : a chocolate emporium and art and design studio based in sunny Brighton...and now Soho. Working purely in chocolate, Christine and her incredible team of ‘Chocolistas’ create extravagant fantasies, chocolate dreams and some really, really naughty stuff too!

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Robin Flavell

Formerly known as Jacques_AIH, Robin is a comedy writer, prolific tweeter and ex-editor of Pop Bitch. He writes witty jokes, chummy banter and other award-winning shenanigans: he does this with the sort of awe-inspiring consistency and quality that saw him become The Independent’s most influential non-celebrity tweeter.

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Simon Garfield

Simon Garfield’s career journalism career has spanned a wealth of topics, from typography, to Radio one. He’s an award winning writer with a string of accolades to his name. He is also a lover of all things map related. His most recent book, On the Map, is a detailed exploration of some of the most unusual moments in map-making history.

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Alice Taylor

Alice is founder and CEO of MakieLab, a new kind of future-smashing toy company that makes 3D-printed, locally made, and game-enabled toys.  She’s a pioneer in the fast-emerging industry of 3D technology, she's been Commissioning Editor for Education at Channel 4 and is one of the Game Industry’s Top 100 most influential women... not to mention Mum to a 5-year-old…

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Sam Bompas

Bompas and Parr are jelly architects, also affectionately known as jellymongers, who experiment, develop, produce, and install projects, artworks and exhibitions with food, including – of course – jelly. They design spectacular experiences often on an architectural scale, utilising cutting-edge technology to explore the limits of edible engineering. With projects like Mount Rocky (a chocolate climbing wall) and Edible Crazy…

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Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett is Founder of one of the world-leading groups in the Craftivism movement (Craft + Activism). Her group ‘Craftivist Collective’ expose global poverty and human rights injustices though the power of public art, challenging people’s views through inspiring, surprising and original creative interventions. Whether it be cross-stitched graffiti or political bunting, these small, provocative actions are gaining an international…

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Ed Yong

Ed Yong is an award-winning science writer, journalist, geek and creator of the widely acclaimed blog ‘Not Exactly Rocket Science’, which is a hub for the most awe-inspiring, beautiful and quirky science happening in the world. His work has appeared in Nature, the BBC, New Scientist, Wired, the Guardian, the Times, Discover and many others. He’s also something of a…

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Charles Hazlewood

Charles Hazlewood is co-founder of The British Paraorchestra, a pioneering orchestra and a global movement that recognises and showcases disabled musicians with extraordinary abilities. It’s an orchestra with a mission to level the playing field of musical excellence and end the limitations placed on individuals, not by their physical ability but by lack of opportunity.