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The Lost Lectures


We returned to the World’s capital of counter-culture, armed with a lineup that ranged from the inspiring to the insane. It was our privilege to bring the historic ‘StummfilmKino Delphi’ back to life for an incredible evening of talks, live performances, radical ideas, demos and a real life wrestling fight.


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Annie Machon

Quite simply, Annie’s the type of woman that makes James Bond seem like an underachiever. After years working in counter-terrorism for mi5, Annie Machon had a crisis of conscience. Boldly turning against the powers that be, she turned whistleblower, taking on one of the most secretive and powerful agencies in the UK. Having incurred the wrath of the government and…

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Harald Hauswald

Widely considered one of the most influential street photographers of his generation, Harold Hauswald’s photography has enjoyed a wide range of recognition. He’s gained plaudits from art critics and cultural commentators across the world, been credited with reframing perceptions of post-war Germany and amassed 5kg of Stasi files to boot. Sequestered on the wrong side of the wall, he chronicled…

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Anna Konda

Anna Konda is strongwoman and kick-ass co-founder of Berlin’s Female Fight Club, a no-holds-barred society for women who want to scrap. In the four years since its inauguration, the society has become notorious for hosting frequently bloody bouts welcoming women from all walks of life. Underlying the combat is a serious mission to re-explore femininity, to find a feminine ideal…

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Prof. Ingo Rechenberg

Prof. Rechenberg is a leading figure in the world of bionics and artificial evolution. His accolades are many: he’s garnered several lifetime achievement awards, and countless prizes recognizing his pioneering efforts in the field. Beyond shaping the future of tech and A.I., Ingo is also somewhat of an action man: conducting field research in the most literal, possible sense, he’s…

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Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wolf

Environmentalist extraordinaires Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wolf are the masterminds behind Original Unverpackt, the world’s first ‘Zero Waste Supermarket’. Their mission is to stem the massive food wastage occurring throughout the world. To do this, they dispense with all unnecessary food packaging, eschew big brands with bad reputations and allow costumers to fill their containers with the exact amount of…

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Lutz Henke

Lutz Henke is a cultural scientists specialising in art in public space. He’s also a man of bold actions and last year became one of the most controversial figures in Berlin. In a striking protest against gentrification, Lutz whitewashed over the city’s most iconic and beloved street art (Blu). His action sparked a passionate public debate that soon reached global…

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Cash. Diamond Rings. Swimming Pools. Dena is a girl who knows what she wants. Her iconic, debut single became a global, Gen-Y anthem, and was ostensibly a massive ‘Fuck You’ to Dena’s pet hates: materialism and cold weather. Now based in Germany, she’s swiftly becoming one of the country’s fastest rising stars and worst kept secrets. Effortlessly slick, her sound…